Hatch Rockers Immigration Testimonials


K.Z. – “Patrick Hatch was very helpful in guiding us through our I-485 AOS interview. He helped prep us for the interview, review our materials and went with us to the interview on relatively short notice. He helped us feel comfortable with the process at the Durham office and his experience made us feel comfortable throughout the process. Most importantly the process concluded with a quickly approved petition.”

Jennifer – “Patrick Hatch is amazing! I highly recommended him! He helped my husband, stepfather, sister in law and her son. I took a family picture up there for my husbands package and he knew almost everyone in the picture. It was a great pleasure to have him as our lawyer and anytime someone ask about a immigration attorney I always send them to him!”

B.O. – “Great customer service.”

A.K. – “Patrick is the most outstanding lawyer I ever know in America, for my 22 years in America. Whatever he told me about my case was true. My previous attorney filed my waiver i-601 before an interview, but Patrick told me to tell my wife to go to interview first and we did exactly what he told me and now we get our visa. Thank you to Patrick.”

Yrai – “I wanted to say that Hatch Rockers Immigration Law Office has the greatest attorney. Jack speaks Spanish and that’s wonderful for all the Latino’s that don’t speak English. Very nice staff, very clean place, love the location, they are very professional and honest about the immigration case or situation. They are there to help you. I highly recommended this office.”

Melissa – “Patrick is amazing. I have had Patrick as my immigration attorney for the past 5 years and he has been super amazing. Everybody I have recommended to him have been very satisfied with his work and he is very responsible to keep me updated of any change on my case. If I need to speak to him he schedules an appointment right away free of charge, when you are his Client. I highly recommend him as a attorney.”

Jessica – “A nice small office environment where they make the clients feel warm and welcome. A very skilled and knowledgeable group. Highly recommended.”

Griselda – “Attorney Jack speaks Spanish and was quick with my case. I am a resident and petitioned my husband and in two years he was here with me. Thanks. “

Lena – “Excellent Lawyer! After my prior immigration lawyer almost failed my case, I requested Mr. Hatch to take on the case. He resolved all issues with professionalism and a deep knowledge of immigration law. During the last several years, I have been working with him and his team. They were always responsive , trustworthy, attentive to my individual needs and personally great people!”

Cristina – “You did such a great job with my case, so I will always thank you for that. I do recommend you to all people in need of an immigration attorney. Take care and thank you again. “

Antonia – “Our family came to Patrick with TWO sons-in-law to be who would be emigrating from England! He handled both cases with great care, intelligence, and attention to our needs. What a pleasure to have been his client! . We have also sent him others in need of legal advice on immigration issues. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Slyvia – “Patrick Hatch provided very good service, I just went in for consultation. Mr Hatch provided detailed information and was very polite, nice and welcoming. He answered my questions politely, never once laughing at my stupid mistakes that I had made with USCIS before. I was referred by my brother-in-law and I would gladly recommend anyone in need of an immigration lawyer to use Hatch Immigration Law Office.”

Kumar – “Jack Rockers provided legal advice that was more brotherly in approach, understanding the situation I was into perfectly and providing the best suggestions without looking for ways to generate additional money. I would strongly recommend Hatch Immigration Law to anyone and will also use them again for any of my future needs.”

Karen – “The biggest challenge in finding a good attorney revolves around finding an honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable professional who cares about you. Patrick is exactly that. My case wasn’t the ordinary immigration case, but he surely made it happen. It wasn’t easy, but he worked diligently to achieve the best results and kept me informed every step of the way. His honesty and good ethics are certainly remarkable. He will give you an honest advise and he will work to your best interest. Hatch Law Office has surely provided me with an A+ experience and result. Anything regarding immigration can be very lengthy in time and extremely bureaucratic, but Patrick puts his best work to make it happen…and he will answer to your e-mails and return your phone calls! I highly recommend Hatch Law Office for any immigration need you may have; I know Patrick will take good care of you and provide you with the best alternative for you case, just as he did for me.”

Duke University Professor – “Great job with the green card application for me and my family!”

Michael – “Very helpful, cheaper than most, and will talk with you anytime you need to directly.”

Marek – “Excellent, thorough immigration lawyer, highly recommended!”

Emmanuel – “Five stars! Very experienced in immigration proceedings and courteous advice on document preparations.”

Molly – “We were very pleased with the advice Patrick Hatch provided during our consultation regarding an H1B Visa. Before we even came he had reviewed our website to familiarize himself with our company. During the consultation we felt that he gave full attention to our case, considering multiple options that might benefit us, and helped walk us through the reasons for various decisions. We appreciated so much his careful attention to the exact nature of our case, even though it was simply an initial consultation. He gave us a very fair rate for his services, it was well worth the consultation fee. After we left he also followed up with two emails offering final advice on a few more details, even with out our asking. We felt very well taken care of, and will definitely use Hatch Immigration Law Office again for all our immigration needs.”

Matias – “Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with Patrick’s work. Any words, any language, any ratings would consistently fall short. Patrick has simply been EXCELLENT! His remarkable diligence,expertise and human nature have made this one of the most pleasant and seamless legal processes I have ever gone through. He has always been available to answer absolutely all my questions, and always on time. He seemed to always have the right answer, and he really knows the system. It is remarkable how being so young he knows the system so well. It’s like dealing with a lawyer who has been doing this for over 40 years! I would absolutely not hesitate for a second to recommend Patrick’s services to anyone who needs to work on immigration issues. Bravo Patrick! And sincerely, muchas gracias!”

Sean – “He was professional, industrious, and most of all courteous and down to earth. He was very responsive and methodical, and had previous knowledge of how to steer through some of the pitfalls encountered when applying…I will certainly consult him again and recommend him to anyone.”

Anonymous – “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Patrick Hatch on a rather rigorous and demanding immigration case. His continued perseverance and patience with all parties involved speaks to his high character and desire to do the best job he possibly can for his client. Mr. Hatch is extremely good about keeping all parties up-to-date and on making sure his clients have a complete understanding of their situation and the choices before them. In my particular experience, Mr. Hatch had to work with a difficult party to accomplish the goals of his client and he continued on long after many lawyers would have thrown in the towel and admitted defeat. I strongly recommend him as a trustworthy, efficient and kind lawyer.”

Anonymous – “Mr.Hatch is very good and concern lawyer. I have a complicated immigration case in which he is doing a good job at wining the case for me. He has shown great and honest concern regarding my case. Unlike other lawyers i have dealt with in the past, Mr. Hatch is completely different. I do strongly recommend his service to any one having immigration issues.”

Anonymous – “Since last two years I know Mr. Hatch and found him quite dependable about immigration disputes. I feel confident to refer my problem to him. He also keeps me updated with my cases.”